What’s the future of cool fashion?


Is it celebrity outfits? Or is it fashionable ideas?

I think both of them are amazing.

So, what kind of fashion will be considered “cool” in our future?

Rather than paying attention to how a celebrity dresses, we should focus on the manufacturing process in the making of clothes.


I want to look at it from another angle as well.

It’s not simply a matter of how cool you dress, but how your choice to be environmentally conscious will be valued by society in the future.

What if that choice itself is the future of “cool fashion”?

Why is it so?

Do you know how many clothes are thrown away around the world every year?
It is about 20 billion garments per year.


In addition, a lot of clothes continue to be produced. Naturally, all of it can’t be sold due to the large quantities. This puts a burden on the global environment and it’s a repetitive process.
I hope that the power of science will soon solve these problems, but we also want to take action for the next generation.


I worked in the fashion industry for a long time and this problem has plagued me for a long time.

So, what choice do we have?

What can you do?

1. Be interested in the manufacturing process.

When we go shopping, we don’t think deeply about the manufacturing background of the product. Also, companies don’t fully disclose that information. Find out what kind of background your favorite brand has.

2. Buy something that will last.

Fast fashion which involves continuous new designs is great, but you can’t wear them for a long time. Instead of having a lot, why not “have less of a good thing”?
Maybe it will be an expensive purchase, but it’s good quality and you can use it for a long time.
I believe that by doing so, you will have a positive impact on the planet.
Take care of your valued possessions the same way you’d treat your loved ones.


These are small individual actions but your choice to care for the planet will be admired by many people.

You can start now!


I appreciate you taking the time out to read this blog. Arigatou-gozaimasu.