How to participate in sustainable fashion

How to participate in sustainable fashion
Sustainable fashion SDGs

Sustainable fashion SDGs

More and more, we see words like slow fashion ethical fashion. These ideas are global movements that are related to the SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) You may think that a global movement is difficult, but we can participate in it.
Yes, it’s easier than you think.
Let me tell you about how you can take action through fashion right now.

Why participate in that?

    Participate in the movement can only result in a positive impact on your financial situation, future life, and the planet.
    Now, what can we do?
    Below I will share with you detail.

    Environmental actions you can take immediately

      1. Try to buy high-quality clothing.
      2. Don’t throw away clothing easily, donate, or sell them.
      3. Learn how to care for different materials.


    1 . Try to buy high-quality clothing

    It can be found very cheaply. If you buy a brand that you admire or a world-famous brand, they can last a long time, even if they are old clothing.

    2 . Don’t throw away clothing easily, donate, or sell them

    Take a look at your wardrobe. If you have clothing that you haven’t worn in a long time, sell them and turn them into money. But if it’s in very bad condition, say thank you and throw it away.

    3. Learn how to care for different materials

    For example, leather items can be used for 5 to 10 years with regular care. Materials such as cotton and wool need to be washed with care. Learn about it on YOUTUBE and other sources.
    In my case, the shoes I bought at a thrift store are the friends I spent about eight years with.
    Paraboot second-hand

    Paraboot second-hand

    Para boot second-hand repairing shoes

    Para boot second-hand repairing shoes

    I want to repair my friends and also have a long relationship with him.

    Inexpensive, but anxious because I don’t know the route of used clothing

    Honestly, I don’t know who exactly wore it before and I agree with the anxiety that it may bring but it could be helping the global environment. However, your actions are praiseworthy.
    New designs of clothing and materials are being developed, and I respect that, but we should look at the clothing that already exists and participate in “sustainable fashion” just by thinking about it.
    Is there an outfit you want now?
    Why don’t you go to second -hand store?
    Second-hand store

    Second-hand store

    I appreciate you taking the time out to read this blog.