Cool sustainable clothing store in Japan

Today I would like to present you super cool clothing store in Tokyo from my perspective as a supporter of eco-friendly fashion. There are a lot of pretty unique clothing stores in Tokyo, but I think the one I’m going to introduce is probably one of the most amazing stores in the world that not many people know about.

The three criteria for my selection are as follows:

  • A store that teaches you how to use the product for a long time.
  • Shops that sell high-quality basic items rather than fashionable trend items.
  • Shops that convey wonderful Japanese production techniques and traditions.

Sustainable Shops List




It has been a few years since the store opened in Aoyama, Tokyo.

BROOM&BRANCH is famous for having a shoe polisher counter in the store. Although it is usually found in high-end department stores. It is the first street store in Japan to have such a counter.
There you can feel a strong European influence rather than an American one, and this shop also embraces sophisticated domestic and other international brands. Besides it, they have their own brand of clothes, which are made from fabrics and designed to fit your wardrobe.
In addition to clothing, they also have a large selection of Japanese pottery, making it the only clothing store in Japan where Western and Japanese cultures are mixed together in a new way. Please come and experience the Japanese fine craftsmanship.
If you are tired of shopping, you can have a cup of coffee or Japanese sweets in the store.


The shaved ice that can be eaten here, especially during the spring and summer months, is fantastic‼︎



Factelier (GINZA, TOKYO)



Do you wear jeans? Did you know that world-famous fashion brands make their jeans in Okayama Prefecture, Japan?
In fact, Japan’s fashion factories are great for more than just jeans. Today, Japan’s apparel domestic production ratio has decreased from 50% in the 1950s to 2%. (As of 2019)
The reason for this is the result of moving bases (factories) overseas for low-cost mass production.


Japan is the first country in the world to enter an Aging society, and there is a social problem that there are no successors to take over the wonderful technology.

This company is the solution to this serious problem. They are protecting domestic employment and promoting the technology of fashion factories as fashion brands. It is possible to buy high-quality clothes at low prices from the same factories that make clothes for world-famous brands.
In addition, they do not have stores but have fitting spaces where you can check your size and buy online. At the same time, they do not do mass production.


The nice thing about them is that they share their craftsmanship and passion with us. They always say with confidence,

“Here is an item that you will still love 10 years from now.”






If you were to ask me:
 “What is the most famous T-shirt or hoodie brand in Japan?”
I would be the first to recommend Filmelange to you. It is located in a residential area of Roppongi in Tokyo even though it is rare to find a street clothing store in this area. It is a unique brand in its own right.
Since the establishment of the brand, they have been concerned about the materials they use and have been making things in consideration of the global environment.
They make their own yarns and fabrics, and also have their own factory in Japan where they entirely make their products from start to finish. That is why they are always confident in their sales talk and can create the ultimate comfort-wear style.
The price range is not cheap, but when you try it on, you can feel the smoothness of the fabric. The design is simple and the colors are mainly basic colors such as gray and white, but the position of the pockets are intentionally shifted and the zippers are colorful. So it’s a very cute brand in which you can perceive a little difference regardless of its simplicity.




They have also started a project to collect their products from their customers, recycle them, and renew them.



So, let me know what you think about this. I am going to introduce you to some cool stores next opportunity again.

I appreciate you taking the time out to read this blog.

Arigatou-gozaimasu.  🙂